Key Terms

Forum Theatre

  • created by Augusto Boal
  • part of Theatre of the Oppressed
  • audience or “spec-actors” can stop the scene, make suggestions to change the outcome
  • audience attempts to overturn the oppression

Image Theatre

  • created by Augusto Boal
  • still image
  • to explore abstract and realistic themes like relationships and emotions
Popular Theatre
  • created by Augusto Boal
  • participatory theatre that explores life experiences
  • creates community dialogue around issues and possible solutions
Process Theater
  • teacher and students work in role
  • used to explore a problem, situation, theme using unscripted drama
  • Process drama is working through a problem or situation using improvisation as a group.

Museum Theatre

  • living history ie Burnaby villa museum, Historeum
  • used by part of exhibits to engage and interest visitors in more appealing way
  • actors can portray historians, artists, scientists

Reminiscence Theatre

  • act out memories
  • often used with elderly
  • create life map
  • can be used with kids

Readers Theatre (RT)

  • script is read aloud
  • joint dramatic presentation where script is read w/o memory
  • learning to become fluent reader with expression
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